Podium Designs

Lectern, Neo Classical

Retains the formal classical look but yet elegant and refined, making them suitable for educational institutions, religious organisations and mass assembly halls.

Podium, Qatar Olympic Committee

Its appealing and refreshing approach crafted from its tapered circular theme – ideal for all types of organization.

Lectern, Contemporary

Formal, grandeur, distinctive and yet stylist in design. Ideal for hotels, restaurants and organisers of corporate events and functions.

Lectern, Avant Garde

Its sleek, elegant and clean look most suitable for corporate branding events, new product launches and special ceremonies and functions.

Lectern, rosturm, Eclectic

Clean, timeless & yet elegant in aesthetic appeal. Suitable for organisation that want to stand out from the ordinary.

hospitality products
Our hospitality products range specially cater for our hospitality clients
  • Valet / Hostess Stand
  • Brochure / Display Stand
  • Buffet Station / Bar Counter
  • Wine Trolley, Table Number Display and etc
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